18 August 2009

Do U LiKe This mY QaSriNa?

Magic English is a fun way for children to learn the English language along with all their favourite Disney characters! The interactive DVD and activities books bring educational adventures to life with stories, songs, and games from classic Disney film favourites! Disney’s Magic English make learning becomes fun and enjoyable – just like playing a game! Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified education specialists in the English Language

The course, by combining the high entertainment value that consumers expect from Disney with a pedagogically sound approach to language teaching, provides an unparalleled learning experience with the help of the best-known and best-loved Disney characters: from Mickey Mouse, to Bambi, Pluto, Lilo & Stitch and Monsters Inc. And with never-before-seen bonus features - including quizzes, new games, guess letters and much more – play and learn, Donald’s Tips, and Goofy’s story has never been such a treat. Magic English is the perfect way to introduce children to the English Language.

· Learning English through stories
· Increasing vocabulary through repetition
· Practicing English through activities
· Repeat sing-along answer
· Final revision > Learn 20-30 new words each DVD > Repeated continuously > 500 root words once completed > Disney characters > Self-checking system > First Education Programme for children


mamalieyna said...

cam bagus jek..nnti2 nk la belikan tuk haidarku..
*Qasrina sure like it very much!

nfaw83 said...

mamalieyna : skrg pun dh sesuai belikan utk haidar..dia memang train dr baby lagik! nanti bila dh sampai buku2nya..akan diuploadkan kedlm n3 nih

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